NCLEX RN Practice Questions

Are you preparing for your NCLEX RN exams?

Do you feel pressured and worried because you'll be taking the NCLEX RN exam shortly?

​Most people experience some form of mild stress when preparing for their exams.

It can actually help you pass your exams if you're able to use it to motivate yourself and focus on studying.

The NCLEX RN exam is NOT like any other type of exam that you've done in nursing school.

The #NCLEX RN exam is NOT like any other type of exam that you've done in nursing school.

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In nursing school, you know the number of items for the entire test. As well as the number of allotted hours to take it.

But in the NCLEX RN exam, your test questions can range from 75-265. Which means that some people finishes the exam within an hour, while others can last up to several hours.

It is well known that a 75 score or when the computer stops at the 75th questionnaire, it doesn't necessarily mean you've failed.

A 75 questions exam means you've either answered the questions mostly correct, or you've answered it mostly wrong.

It is really hard to know which is which, when the computer stops at 75.

And how about those that doesn't stop at 75? Will it put more pressure on yourself because the computer has kept on giving questions instead of stopping immediately?

I've seen this many times.

Many people fail the NCLEX-RN exam NOT because they haven't studied for it. But because they've been stressed out too much and resulted in poor exam results.

Fortunately for you, there are several NCLEX RN study tips that can help you. And in this article, I'll showcase several NCLEX RN practice questions and their rationales.

Practice makes perfect.

If you could answer a lot of these NCLEX-RN type practice questions, it will help develop your test-taking skills.

Test taking skills are crucial in passing your nursing exams. 

I'll give you a list of ALL the best online resources of where to get the best NCLEX-RN exam practice questions at the end of this article, but I'd like to dive deeper into some differences first for those who will be taking the exam for the first time and those that will taking the exam for a second time.

What's the difference for first-time takers and repeaters?

First time takers who passes their exams immediately are very common. I believe that with proper preparation, a lot of people will be able to pass their NCLEX RN exams on the first try.

But for those who don't, there's certainly some advantages for repeaters:

1. You already know how the NCLEX-RN exam works. You're familiar with taking the test, using the computer and this can definitely help a lot especially for those who were accustomed to taking nursing exams on paper.

2. You have existing materials that you can continue to use.​

3. ​You have an idea on what topics and subjects your strengths are and what are your weaknesses as well.

4. You'll learn what you need to review and focus based on the NCLEX-RN candidate performance report (CPR).  You'll be able to see which areas you've passed and needs improvement on. Focus on these areas when studying.

How will you know that you're ready to take the exam (first time or repeat)?​

When doing the online NCLEX RN practice exam questions or any practice test and you're getting about 80% or more, then you're mostly ready...

But even if you're not getting 80%, but you feel confident enough that you can take the exam, then do it.

It's VERY important that you have the faith and believe in yourself that you could pass your exam. If you have done your part and studied well, then you can be confident on yourself.

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