NCLEX Review 3500 DVD and CD Program – an Unbiased Review

  • It feels like you're preparing for the actual NCLEX-RN exams.
  • Regular Version with Updates
  • Almost 500+ questions are Brand New!
  • The 5 Major Topics are included: Fundamentals, Pediatric, Psychiatric-Mental Health, Maternal-Neonatal, and Med-Surgical Nursing (Total 29 subtopics)
  • Three ways to study: Pre-testing, Reviews and Testing Mode
  • Used by colleges to train their junior and senior students.
  • Compatible with windows PC/Mac systems (at least Windows XP for PC Systems)

Are You Thinking of Taking Your NCLEX RN Exam soon?

If you’re looking for a practice test environment that can give you the feel and familiarity of taking the NCLEX Exam, then I strongly recommend that you continue reading…

Practice Makes Perfect

This is not just a cliche that a lot of people believe in, but it’s something that will help you prepare for your exam. By being able to practice answering and phasing nursing questions, you’ll be able to improve your test taking abilities, sharpen your mind, and boost your knowledge in nursing.

What is the NCLEX 3500 Study Software?

This study software for the NCLEX-RN exam is a collection of 3,500 questions (500 of which are totally brand new questions) that covers the 5 main subjects covered in the nursing licensure exams.

All you need to do is start running the program by loading it up on your DVD drive and install the program. Once installed, you’ll be able to take test and practice sets with complete rationales to help you understand the reason and principles behind each answer.

When I prepared for my NCLEX-RN exam (which I passed at 75 questions), all I did most of the time was spend hours on my laptop and just take practice tests from softwares like these study guides.

What I noticed is that this has helped me become familiar in using computer testing. If you haven’t heard yet, the NCLEX-RN exam is computer based. There are no papers and pens, just a mouse, a computer and a monitor.

Another reason, I loved these types of study guides is because of flexibility. If I was taking a nursing review class, I would have to attend regular schedules and if you’re working or you’re busy, then it’s not even possible.

But with the NCLEX 3500 Study guide, I can open it up anytime (whether it’s 12AM or 3AM) and I can start studying right away.

Installing the software is pretty straight forward, if you have an Intel or AMD Computer, make sure that it’s at least capable of running the software. You don’t want it to slow down your review because the software is not loading properly. If that happens, the best thing to do is to grab another laptop or desktop, which I did.

Here’s the laptop that I used,but you can also checkout this desktop.

When it comes to the types of questions and mix, it has a broad coverage.

From easy items to more difficult and challenging questions, it tries to give you a sense and feel of how the exam would actually be (this has really helped me prepped for the test that I took last May). If you’re a results-junkie like me, you can even  print your results to track your progress.

And another thing that I really loved when I first started using this software is it’s pre-assessment test.

This helped me create a baseline and initial analysis of where my knowledge is at when I first started reviewing.

And when I took this pre-assessment test, I knew that I still had a lot to study and review 🙂

* There’s a new version of this study guide: The NCLEX Review 4000 which has more questions (500+ more) that covers almost 30 topics in the 5 areas that are tested in the NCLEX-RN exam (funda,pedia,psych,ob-gyn, and med-surg nursing. If you’re trying to get one, you can get it here online.

If you’re looking for the NCLEX 3500 version, you can grab a copy here.

NCLEX RN Made Incredibly Easy Review

Who Else Wants to Pass Their NCLEX RN Exams?

This NCLEX RN Made Incredibly Easy Review will provide you with information on how you self study for the NCLEX-RN exam.

When I was preparing for my nursing exam, I’ve realized that one of the best ways to ace the test is by taking a lot of practice exams. These practice exams are NOT the same questions found in the NCLEX – RN exams, but they are created in a way that develops your thinking skills.

When I first grab this book (the 5th edition is the latest from July 2010), I’ve realized that there are 6,500 practice questions that are available in the book and online. That’s a lot.

You don’t need to take all of these questions. I usually skip the easy questions, and spend more time in topics and subjects that I need more improvement. What helped me a lot with my review is the great rationales and easy to understand explanations of why a certain answer is the correct one.

This helped me gain an understanding of the underlying nursing principles behind each topic.

As a guide, find answers that takes care of the patient’s welfare and not the hospital or healthcare professionals.

If you are just going to rely on the book, you’ll get about three thousand questions. That’s still a lot, so you might want to spend a few weeks to maybe about a month practicing answering questions.

Some of the additions in the online version includes:

  • You get to listen to some questions that are exclusive on thePoint

  • You’ll also enjoy the newly designed graphic option questions

  • Then there’s the challenging Multiple Choice/Multiple Answers questions (Be careful! One missed or extra answer makes your entire choices wrong!)

  • Tons of Fill in the blank and Calculation questions

  • Charts, Drag and Drop, and Hotspot tests

There’s also a special section inside the NCLEX RN Made Incredibly Easy Book. These includes my favorite: Test Taking skills, review strategies for success, and you’ll also get to know how test flows or the structure of the exam.

A Quick Review of the NCLEX RN Made Incredibly Easy Book series

The book is entirely for practicing and answering questions and rationales. If you are going to take the NCLEX-RN exam in the next few weeks/months, then practicing test taking skills while understanding nursing principles is what helped me pass my nursing exam.

This series has been well planned because the answers to the questions are just on the opposite page. I love that because I don’t have to jump to the appendix or back of the page just to find the correct answer to the tests that I just took.

Some questions are quite easy while some are really difficult. Which is great because it practices your mind on how to answer questions with varying difficulties.

The questions doesn’t end there. If you purchase this book, you’ll also get access to the online materials which provides you with interactive questions and answers.

This is another great way to practice before taking the exam. And since your using a computer, practicing test taking in front of the computer will help you when you actually take the NCLEX-RN exam at a Pearson Vue center.

If you are going the take the exam in the next few days/weeks or even months, then this book will help supplement your study. Grab your copy here with Free shipping. You can also save up to 25% off if you purchase it online (via Amazon)