7 Questions About the Hesi Tests (A2 Test)


A lot of people are scared (including myself) of taking tests or examinations, especially when these test are required. The sheer pressure of getting high scores, let alone getting a passing mark can definitely provide a great deal of stress to someone. But hopefully, there’s a way to mitigate this situation, prepare well.

Today, I’d like to share with you the top 10 Questions about the HESI Tests that you might be wondering about. If you want to be a nurse, or if you’re applying for nursing schools, you’ll most likely need to take this exam.

Frequently Asked Questions about this exam:

1. What does HESI stand for?

The HESI is an acronym for the Health Educational Systems Inc Exam. This exam will help demonstrate that the potential student has the required college-level skills and knowledge in school.

2. How do I take this test and what topics will be the exam based on?

The HESI Entrance exam consists of seven academic subjects and 2 personality based tests. It’s a standardized computer test and the entire test session has a max duration of 4 hours. You’ll be tested on your reading skills, vocabulary, general knowledge, grammar, math skills, biology,chemistry, anatomy, physiology, personality, and learning style.

There’s another HESI Exam, the HESI Exit test, which is a way to help you prepare and evaluate your preparedness for the NCLEX exams.

3. How long should I start studying for this test?

That entirely depends on you. But definitely don’t prepare the day or the week before your exam. That would be too late. Depending on your study time and availability, I can usually prepare for this test 1-2 months in advance. That gives me ample time to prepare well. I don’t want to prepare 6 months in advance because that’s a very long time, and I’ll usually forgot what I’ve learned if it were that long.

4. What to expect on the HESI exams?

Again, expectation about the HESI exams will be dependent on your skills, knowledge and preparation. There will be 9 components in the entire HESI Exam and although some schools don’t require all components, you’ll want to work on your weak subjects (like Math for me) so that you’ll be able to get the passing score required by your nursing school of choice (usually 80%).

5. Are there any materials that can help me review for the HESI Exams?

Yes, there are tons available, but one of the most popular ones can be found online by clicking here.

6. Do you have some tips when preparing for the test?

Yes. First, you’ll want to determine what are the subjects that are required by your school of choice. Some schools would only require 5 out of the 7 subject matters so you could focus your time (4 hours max) in answering these 5 subjects. Prepare 1-2 months before your test dates. This will give you ample time to prepare well. Answer test practice questions and understand the principles behind each subject. Prepare well, you can also try using one of the most popular review materials on this topic. Eat well and rest well so that you’ll have a fresh mind and body that will prepare your body. Dedicate a quiet time or study mode which will help you focus. Don’t forget to take rests after a few minutes to rest your eyes as well as to internalize what you just learned.

7.  This is my 2nd take on the HESI Test, How can I increase my scores in a particular subject?

If you need to increase your scores in any particular subject, you need to dedicate more time on it. If you can recall the questions that you weren’t able to answer, find the answer for that and understand the rationale behind it. Take more practice tests, grab HESI review materials online, and pray because it helps 🙂

These 7 questions are the top questions most people ask about the HESI exams. If you want another HESI related question answered, please leave them in the comments below. Thank you!