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NCLEX RN Tips – Powerful Tips for Passing the Test

I have passed my NCLEX – RN exam at 75 questions and with 1 take (Yehey!)

I was actually scared because the computer shut down as I pressed the enter button for the 75th question. It’s been told that if your computer closed at 75, you either got a lot of correct answers, or you got a lot of wrong answers.

It’s seems I got a lot of correct answers (Thanks to weeks of studying and praying!)

As a way of giving back, I’d like to share several powerful tips for Passing the Test. This post will be one of my (best) posts on nursing exam tips.

So introducing….

Powerful NCLEX-RN Tips That Will Help You Ace the Test

Super Simple Ways On How To Study For The NCLEX-RN Exams

*As a Disclaimer – These tips will not guarantee that you will pass your exams. No one else can. But I can guarantee you that you’ll be able to pick up some great ideas that you can use when studying for the test. Enjoy!


Begin with a Positive mental attitude. Don’t have a defeated feeling. This will affect your concentration. Whenever I feel tired and exhausted when reviewing, I usually run or watch an inspiring movie. This keeps the endorphin levels in my body at optimum levels.

Picture yourself passing the NCLEX-RN Exam. Picture yourself getting a letter of notification saying that you passed the exam. Every morning, wake up refreshed and inspired because your one day closer to passing your exams.

A little bit of stress is okay. In fact, it’s great if you are mildly stressed. It will help you be focused and prioritize your time.

Program yourself that you are going to spend several days / weeks studying alone. Group studying might not work best here because you’ll be on your own when you take the test. It’s best to learn how to concentrate and focus when studying and taking the nclex-rn exam.


I know that this might sound simple, but eat your breakfast and eat the right foods. I can’t stress this enough.

If you are not getting the right nutrients, your brain and bodily functions will be affected.

Don’t neglect your body.

Eat bananas and chocolates as it helps you with concentration and memory retention.

Some people drink supplements and vitamins, but eating the right foods have worked well for me and others.

You may also want to try juicing! A  juicing diet is one of the fastest ways and easiest ways to consume fruits and vegetables. It’s a power pack diet of healthy greens. Try it and you’ll immediately feel the difference.

And of course, don’t forget to exercise.

If you’re not into exercise, try to at least jog or run in your park. Do this especially when you are feeling low or lacking creative energy.

Running helps release “feel good hormones” called endorphins.


And the “Secrets” and “Strategies” that you all have been waiting for.

First, the real “secret” is hard work.

What you put in is what you put out.

If you haven’t learned a particular topic or subject, then you will just be guessing what’s the correct answer.

What I love to do to increase my “speed” of learning is to use “MULTIMEDIA” and the “Internet” to educate me of New topics and ideas.

So instead of reading how the “Cardiovascular system works” (about 20 pages), I would simply go to youtube or this site (nursingexamacademy.com) and watch lectures and videos on medical and nursing subjects.

And within a few minutes (usually less than 10 minutes), I have already understood how the “cardiovascular system works”.

Fantastic, isn’t it?

That’s what I call leverage.

Here’s another tip, whenever I travel or commute, I usually bring my mp3 player or Iphone. I listen to audio books and lessons. These are usually questions and rationales of different nursing topics. This way, I can still continue learning even if I’m not in the house or in front of the computer.

You can even record your own audio questions and answers. This way, you’ll more likely to remember the rationale of the questions.

When studying, don’t follow other people’s strategy. You have a different mode of learning and you should respect that.

What’s important is that you use your dominant mode of learning.

If you are a visual learner, use graphics, multimedia and the internet.

If you are an auditory learner, use mp3 players, audiobooks, etc.

If you learn by interacting, try to study with someone else or attend Nursing review classes.

And dedicate enough time when studying. Make sure that you spend most of the hours of your day studying. You’ve spent almost 3-4 years studying the subjects of nursing, and sometimes all you need to do is simply refresh those memories.

Books and Resources that I’ve used

1. My Nursing Notes and Lectures in School

2. Learning Ext

3. Saunders

4. Nclex RN Made Incredibly Easy Series

5. Google

6. Youtube

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